Account has been suspended

Username account epiz_31117695 (Website for

Error Message

Your account was taken down due to abuse.

Other Information

i see my account is deleted
can i recover it ? i don’t enter for 3 month but i surprises its be deleted

If you did not raise support ticket before account was deleted, then it will be unlikely.

Free hosting requires minimum 5 hits per month in order for hosting account to stay current.
Account deletion could also be due to that as well


oh no that my mistake don’t know roles
so there no way to back any date from website ?

If the accounts is located in the “deleted” section of the client area, it is not possible to recover anything from it.

Please take this as a lesson to keep backups in the future.


I checked the account and it seems that it was permanently suspended after hitting the daily IO limit many times. Since we didn’t hear from you after the last suspension, the account was deleted after a while.


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