Account has been suspended for an unespecified reason

My website built using WordPress is no longer working. My domain now redirects to a page full of ads. I also received this e-mail:


Your InfinityFree account with username rfgd_18616814 has been deactivated! Your website is currently offline and control panel functionality has been limited severely.

If you would like your account to be reactivated, please login to your client area, find your account and submit a reactivation request. We will check your account and see if it can be reactivated.

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As the e-mail states, I can’t do anything when I log into my cPanel and also I can’t access my files via FTP.

Could you, please, reativate my account? It was just a small informative blog with just a few visitors a day.
Thank you in advance!

Hello @tpms16.

Have you checked this official thread? I haven’t really used the new control panel, but I do not see a reason why you ‘cannot do’ anything… If I am right it should list all your hosting accounts and show their statuses, like Active or Suspended and then you must click Manage and then there will be details displayed regarding the reason of your account’s suspension and what to do next.

If you are saying that you cannot click Manage then it is something that Admin knows better, but have you tried clicking Manage button next to your suspended account? Please try to find it. If it’s not really there or it does not show what to do next regarding your suspension then please post what it shows and what it doesn’t show so I can call Admin onto this issue…


Like Mike said, you need to login to the client area, not to the control panel. That’s the client area at Login to your account - InfinityFree. If you haven’t used it before, check this forum topic:!