Account error

Domain Name :

I’m trying to remove the domain name from account epiz_34216495 I get this error in the control panel

Error Message

I’m trying to use my domain Google sites but I can’t because it’s stuck on that account

You can change the nameservers of your domain to the ones that Google sites requires.


But now the problem is that Google Sites doesn’t have nameservers at all but requires to point two records (or just one if you added it to Search Console), so now the OP has to revert them back to his registrar’s DNS servers and add the necessary records there!


It seems that something went wrong on our end and you deactivated your account but the status in the client area was not updated.

To fix this, please reactivate the account to delete the domain names. It’s not possible to remove domains from a deactivated account, but you can just reactivate it.

And when there is a warning banner above a button saying that there is a domain linked to the account and it will be locked to the account unless you remove the domains first, please think if there are any domains which you may want to remove first, and remove them before deactivating the account.


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