Account disappear
I am using the email address : [email protected] but my account is disappeared, and i don’t see all my code. How can I restore it ?
Thank you

Hello there,

What do you mean your account disappeared?
Your site is working fine on my end as far as what I can tell:

Have you already tried clearing your browser cache?

Here I had one account later that I used for my site, but now it disappeared. So on the pick I just have created another. My question was how can I restore it (the latest) ?

I think he is referring to his epiz_XXXXXXX account. He cannot reach it.

maybe you have another account OR you added the domain mentioned in the first post in the account in your screenshot

I checked your account and it looks like something very strange happened. It looks that when you signed up, you ended up creating two profiles, not one, by accident. The other accounts you created were on the first profile, but the one from your last screenshot was on the second profile.

I’m not entirely sure how this could happen because it definitely shouldn’t.

In the mean time, I’ve moved all your accounts to a single profile. This is also the profile you’re using to login to the forum, which should put everything in one place again.


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