Account disabled after updating the password

Username epiz_26520731

Error Message

We’re updating your account…

Please refresh the page in a few minutes!

Other Information

I have changed the password of the account epiz_26520731 (actually setting the same password) and just after that my account was disabled

This happened hours ago and it still is not active

I have opened other issue because I could not access Control Panel, now I can access but my account was Temporarily Suspended

This is not serious!

I don’t think your account was suspended because you changed the password.

What’s more likely is that something else triggered the suspension, but due to the account processing issues we’ve had in the last few days, it may have taken a long time to complete. And the suspensions are only recorded in the client area once they are complete.

Changing an account password is only possible on an account that’s completely active. So when you tried to change your password in the client area, the hosting platform rejected it because your account was being suspended. The client area detected this and put your account in processing mode.

I can see why you would believe changing the password is the cause. But that’s just correlation, not causation.

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