Account Deleted


Logged into my account today and it said epiz_31541231 was deleted on 2023-03-27. And that was the only account that was created which probably means my website has been erased from the hosting servers.

So was wondering how/why this happened?

Hi and WB

I’m guessing…
If you don’t have 5 visits to the website in a month
then you get a warning (also to your email address) that your website has been deactivated, and you have a certain time to activate it,
if you don’t do that, the system thinks you don’t care and after a while it permanently deletes it.

This is done because many people use this hosting for some school projects and the like and once they are done with it, they don’t delete it…they just leave all…and the server has to serve it unnecessarily for months or years.

In order to put an end to this and save resources, there is a check to see if the website is being used or not.

But you can certainly see (the deactivation) history (reasons) and other things in the Client area.


Unfortunately, no reason was given under deactivation history:

This account was deleted on 2023-03-27. If an account is deleted, it is erased from our servers completely. This account cannot be recovered or restored in any way.

Must have missed the warning email. Anyway … thanks.


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