Account Confirmation Link

My account confirmation link will not work can someone please confirm my account? @Admin

Your not alone, im also struggling.

ERROR: Unable to activate the account
An error occurred while trying to create your account. Please contact support with your requested domain name.

That is what I have.

Hello @wilsonzw90 and @Pandoma.

I checked if it was working or not and I created a new account and it is working fine.

This is very odd because if it’s working for one person then it’s supposed to work for other people too.

Maybe try registering again and then click the confirmation link again?

There is a chance though that it was broken for few minutes. Technologies tend to break sometimes and it’s nothing unusual.

Tell me if you are having any further issues with this!



Judging by the logs, there has been an issue with account activation from roughly 3:30 to 6:20 GMT today. It was caused by a bad validation issue with an upstream provider. This has been solved now, so please try to click the activation link again or signup again if the link has already expried.