Accidentally deleted main domain via cpanel subdomains!
First of all, good news, My files are safe in the regular htdocs directory

But all of my links redirect to 404, and there is a new folder in my ftp called

Is there any way (OTHER THAN COPYING AND PASTING/ downloading) I can remove the folder and have the main directory htdocs? thanks

Currently it is in

I want it to be in

@admin is there any way you can change this? thanks!

**EDIT: ** I have uploaded the files again, but please try to solve my problem by changing the directory, thanks!

Subdomain folder? I think you can’t

You can’t remove or rename any Subdomain/Main htdocs folders from the FTP for legal reasons.

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What you can do is move the files. If you try to copy a file on an FTP server, you have to download it from one folder and upload it to the other. Moving files can be done entirely on the server with basically no data transfer.

But changing the folder of a domain name is not possible.


you can rename it

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