Accidentally deleted domain

Username: epiz_25396398


I deleted my original epizy free domain in order to change it, is there any way I can make a new free subdomain and still get the root directory to point at htdocs?

Yes, you can? Since you want the free infinityfree domain, just simply add or create a free subdomain. And then moved those files and folder from the htdocs or where your files and folders located before into > htdocs

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Hi Katufo,

I read that, and did try it, cant access the website. Just seeing a blank page. Also I actually wanted to use the root folder, which i realised cant be done.

Can you share a url of your site?
Had you moved all your template files from .htdocs to ?

Can we know your domain link?

Thank you guys for your support but just deactivated the account, i came up with a better name so created a new account. All good now.

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