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Accidently deleted my domain from the server after which i added back my domain but when I launched my website again on the server I cannot see my website live it’s showing an error of 403 please help me recover my website back because I work a lot. I installed wordpress on my website before and all my work was done on the wordpress. Website is not getting live it’s showing an error I will mention the domain below but please help me recover back my data of the wordpress the way my side looks before and all the plugins I installed.

Please use filezilla or other ftp programs to move your website files from htdocs to


Thankyou for your help just let me know i found htdoc but unable to find the htdoc/ironflexs

Should i create a new folder and name it htdoc/ironflex and move the files from htdoc to htdoc/ironflex

click on

Please read my instruction carefully


ok i am trying can i have your discord

You should do the opposite as advised by @KangJL: enter the folder called, and inside it create a folder htdocs if one does not exist, and then transfer your content from your previous htdocs folder to this new folder.


i think @KangJL was also correct i copied the whole content of htdoc and pasted in and it worked
thank you both @KangJL @ChrisPAR <3


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