"Access Denied": Weird MySQL PHP Hookup

Username (e.g. epiz_33302837)

I added an sql database and tried to link it up with php:

$host = “sql109.epizy.com”;
$dbname = “epiz_33302837_logindb”;
$username = “epiz_33302837”;
$passsword = “XXXXXXXXXXX”;

$mysqli2 = new mysqli($host, “$username”, $password, $dbname);

if ($mysqli2->connect_errno){
} else{
die(“Connection Success”);

Error Message

Access denied for user ‘epiz_33302837’@‘’ (using password: NO)

Error Number: 1045

Other Information

I’m new and don’t know if “using password: NO” means something

You are probably getting this error because of the following typo:

The code checks for $password, which as seen above has a typo.


Thanks, It works well now

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