Access denied to MySQL server

Good day

Just created a website:

In my website I have a file conf/crm.conf.php with the following code:

define("DATABASE_HOST", "");
define("DATABASE_USERNAME", "epiz_20481863");
define("DATABASE_NAME", "epiz_20481863_crm");

All this values were copied from the “MySQL Databases” section of the Control Panel, except the password which I copied from the Client Area by going to “Accounts”, then "epiz_20481863 " and finally the “Password” tab. I have verified the info several times, but everytime I try I get a Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user ‘epiz_20481863’@‘’ (using password: YES)” message.

I am using boostrap to make my website responsive and jQuery to interact with data via AJAX. If you need to know the exact way my website works just let me know, but you can give it try by using the page, you will see the message there.


Do you still experience this problem? The scripts on your account which seem to use a database appear to be working fine.