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Connection failed: Access denied for user ‘epiz_27165451’@‘’ (using password: YES)
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Just checked on my website today and I got this error—but it was on a page that’s been working fine for months. I updated the password (setting it to the same thing it was before) . with no change in the error. I’m not understanding how the connection used to work----it’s a connection the mySQL on Infinityfree, not some external database. So if I didn’t change anything on my end, what did change and how do I fix it?

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Can you share the exact to url of this page?

It’s in the original post

That URL is working fine to me. Please try clearing your cache.

Are you having issues with this URL?

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Is the correct url For the hostname, please type your sql cluster rather than an IP address.

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It’s not that the original url doesn’t load.
It’s that, when that Search button is clicked, it returns the error I posted above. So yes, the phpSearch.php appears to be the problem.
I posted above the exact error message—it’s returning an IP address. I’m not sure what you’re looking for with the request to post an SQL cluster.

Go to the client area (Login to your account - InfinityFree) and look for the MySQL Hostname. It should look like

Another thing that could be causing the problem is an incorrect password.

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The site has worked with no problem for months. I haven’t changed the password, so I don’t see how the password could suddenly be wrong. Just to be safe, I reset the password after I got that error and updated the php to use the corrected password but get the same result.

yes, that’s what loads when you click the search button in the initial url. It’s saying access is denied, but I haven’t ever changed that password since it was set up so I don’t get how it can suddenly be wrong.

I think I see the problem. The MySQL database is somehow gone, as though it never existed. When I go to the MySQL control panel, it shows zero available databases. But I certainly didn’t delete it. So what happened? Do they get deleted after a certain period of time if I don’t log in?

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There were a few database problems a few (~2) weeks ago. Some databases were corrupted or removed, and your database could have been affected.


OK well good thing I keep a backup. I was able to restore it and I’m back in business.

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