Acces Denied Password yes MySQL


I have a problem when trying to send a message to my MySQL database. Whenever i try to submit the form i get the Connection failed: Access denied for user ‘epiz_26903214’@‘’ (using password: YES) Error Message

A friend of mine from my class has exactly the same php and code but with her it works. I searched everything but can’t get it to work?

If Someone can help me, please!


Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I Already checked al login information and i am 100% sure i have everything correct. I checked a lot of other users who posted in the forum about the same problem and i checked and did everything they did. I then saw an Admin post a reaction beneath one of the posts where he said that they had to reset their database permissions and i think thats the case with mine also…

The password in the client area was out of sync. I’ve fixed this for you now.

And in the future: do not use the change/forgot password functions in the control panel. The password sync is one way only from the client area to the control panel, so only manage your password in the client area.


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