About the domain rockingnews.in

My website URL is: rockingnews.in


What I’m seeing is:

domain rockingnews.in is not resolved yet. it shows

i cant work on the same domain. i need to retrieve the domain fully. and i am going to use wordpress for the same domain.
I’m using this software:

Additional information:

i have already installed the wordpress on the same but last 5 days i didnt get access of the domain or didnt retrive the domain fully. so please do the needful.

I checked here and the domain points to our nameservers, but seen that epizy.com doesn’t have any nameservers, and so the records for ns1 and ns2 aren’t found, please change them to ns1.byet.org and ns2.byet.org from your domain registrar’s nameservers management panel.

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after changing the nameservers again i think it gets another 72 hrs. is it true? in case if yes what should i do for my cleint?

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