About SSL certificate for Freenom

Hello, I want to know if I do an SSL certificate for canuvaseries.ga.
The problem is that Freenom ask me to remove nameservers and change to default DNS for CNAME.

use the infinityfree nameservers then use the client area ssl tool

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Click cname records in cpanel

Why does Freenom ask you to do that? Are you asking Freenom how to set up those CNAME records? Because they can’t help you with that. You need to set the CNAME records through our control panel (assuming you’re using our nameservers, which you should).

The nameservers of your domain control who is the DNS host for your domain name. Freenom provides DNS hosting you could use, and so do we. Or you could use a separate provider for DNS.

So if you’re using our nameservers (which is recommended for your convenience), any DNS records have to be configured through our panel. In that case, you cannot and should not configure DNS records through your domain provider.

If you’re not sure how to do that, just click the link in the client area, which brings you to an article which explains it step by step.


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