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I wanna add some Permissons to my website peoples can easily access my /css folder like www.xyz.com/css they can easily access to this i wanna add restriction or message to not authorised for others user also i have problem inb my website when i update anything in my server from ftp it doesnt updates at the same time it works when i clear my cookies then it shows updates why not at the same time

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If you only want authorised people accessing a directory on the server, try using Directory Privacy. This password protects a directory and you can make custom users as well.

Your question is quite unclear, you neither provide your domain name nor explain your issue exactly.
You can disable Directory listing through htaccess file, so people cannot access root folder but its files will be accessible. (must be, because locking css files will break your site)

And caching is not even an issue, it helps you to speed up your site, you can disable it through htaccess file but disabling it is not recommended.


Well yes i already mentioned about my website admins already knows thay domain name tho for some security reason m not mentioning my site because its peoples can still check css i dont have enough knowledge about permission about htacess give me the rules ? what should everyone can access it and lol the thing is thay directory listening is showing on google search results -_- thats why m worried about mate

correct me where am wrong sorry for that some spelling and grammer mistakes using broken android with proper touch anyways I just want to make permissions for not showing in public for user

Please do understand that CSS code is rendered in the browsers of your visitors. So either your visitors can download the CSS code and use it to apply the styling of your website, or they can’t, and they see HTML content without the styling.

If you just want to disable the listing of files in the css folder, that’s very simply. Just go into the file manager, go to the htdocs folder and open the file called .htaccess (or create a new one with that exact name). Then, just add the contents Options -Indexes to that file, and save it.

Please note that doing so won’t prevent people from downloading the CSS if they know the URL to the specific stylesheet. But they will no longer be able to see the list of stylesheets so easily.


If i understood well, you also want to prevent Google from indexing your CSS files? Then use robot.txt rules for it.

Just “option indexes”???

No, Options -Indexes, not option indexes. With programming code and configuration, leaving out letters and other characters will cause things to break.

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