About Premium Hosting

Hello. I am using infinityfree free hosting. My site is constantly locked because it is free. That’s why I’m thinking of getting paid hosting from iFast. But I have some questions in mind. For example; When I get paid hosting, will everything on my site be transferred to paid hosting without any problems? Besides, if I buy a hosting with unlimited disk space and unlimited traffic, can my site be locked up? Also, if I buy this, how can I transfer premium hosting to my infintyfree account?

You will have to send a support ticket for them to transfer your site to Premium Hosting without any problems. You can do that and get started with Premium Hosting by following this KB article.

I don’t know about this question because I’ve never tried Premium Hosting myself. You could try to get an answer for this submitting another support ticket to iFastNet regarding that.

If you mean “have the premium hosting account on your Client Area here on InfinityFree”, then it’s not possible to do that. Only free accounts are in your Client Area here on InfinityFree, and not premium ones, because we are an iFastNet sponsor, and all Premium Hosting accounts should be managed through iFastNet itself.


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