About hosting upload file size limits


  1. I need to upload multiple 140mb 1080p video files
  2. The speed of the movie needs to be maintained well
  3. Is there a limit to the size of the overall disk space?

Can Super Premium or Ultimate Premium help me?

Also please advise can I use it to create an educational video school

Can you upload them to YouTube and embed it at your site? The servers here (and on premium) are not optimized (or grnerally capable) for hosting movies like that.



THIS IS A is web hosting. NOT a movie streaming service. See Terms of Service - InfinityFree, clause 11 last para.


Are you some sort of Netflix or PrimeVideo to stream services? NULLED movies are not allowed on free hosting or premium.

Get a VPS or Dedicated server if you are planning to become the next NetFlix.

Thank you all for your kind reply

We’re not going to upload movies, but some short educational videos, but the archives would be over 10MB.

YT’s videos cannot mask certain titles and controls.

GOOGLE DRIVE’s video has a limit of 100MB, but using this item can effectively block control items such as title and download.

I don’t know if you have any suggestions, or what to use


Maybe Vimeo?


I thought there wasn’t an overall disk space limit? Do you know where it states that?

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It’s not advertised, but it is 5 GB. Nevermind, it is advertised. I just never look at the homepage.


It is not advertised?


Was going to ask if that is false advertising, but the main page actually “clearly” points out that it is 5GB. Thanks!

To add something here (I hate asking but not contributing), I should mention that, like others have said, this platform is not optimized for video hosting. It is better to find a platform dedicated to that, because not only will their services likely include higher limits, but it will also likely be faster as they are optimized for serving videos.


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