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I’m using WordPress on my website, I’m facing an error to add a new plugin on my site from a week, I have consulted to the WordPress help desk and followed their instruction but no changes.

According to them, this error is dependable for hosting service, No-fault in WordPress settings or backend. To check I have two accounts with infinity free I have hosted one more domain with infinity free and install WordPress I’m facing the same error on a new domain. I have attached the link having a screenshot of error both domains for the same plugin.

Please let me know what’s the reason behind this error?

Update-failed2 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB (screenshot of error on http://razamarine.com )
https://ibb.co/g9Y48Np (Screenshot of an error on http://razamarine.gq )



Elementor and pro:

plugins are updraft, smart slider, etc

You can try this:

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@adisp007 Thanks for your reply.

I don’t know the size of files and plugins.
Is it necessary that website theme and plugins should less than a certain size if yes then how much is that?

@Admin please look at the error why the same error coming on the another fresh domain which is hosted on another account of infinity free.

You can find the screen shot of the error on both domain by below link.

Update-failed2 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB (screenshot of an error on http://razamarine.com/ )
https://ibb.co/g9Y48Np (Screenshot of an error on http://razamarine.gq/ )

Waiting for your reply

UpDraft might be a big plugin which exceeds the file size limit or execution time limits. These limit are the same across all websites, on all accounts and on all servers, so it would be more surprising if some websites weren’t affected by them.

I’d have to double check it for myself to be sure.

Note that we generally recommend against using backup plugins. In our experience, backup plugins are big and complicated and are likely to break something. Making a backup manually through FTP and phpMyAdmin is much more reliable, and the only way we support making backups. So we aren’t going to make any special changes to accommodate for backup plugins.


@Admin Thanks for your valuable reply.
It’s happening with all the plugins smart slider, Meta slider, Simple SSL.
Also, WordPress is not going to updating.
I have attached a screenshot for your reference.

https://ibb.co/WWx7yc3 (Meta Slider Error)
https://ibb.co/10NpVRW (Smart Slider Error)
https://ibb.co/mRbQvpY (Simple SSL Error)

Can you please check what’s the reason behind it and how to fix it?

Is it possible that PHP memory on my website is exceeded its limit?
How much PHP memory is provided for our website?
Can you please check is the memory of PHP script on my website is exceeded its limit?


I did a few tests last weekend. The only thing I know so far is that this is likely caused by some sort of timeout. My first guess would be the script execution timeout, but that’s only 20 seconds, and most of these installations took over 60 seconds to fail in my test.

The PHP memory limit is 158 MB on free accounts, which should be enough for a plugin installation. Do you see anything in particular that makes you suspect a memory issue?

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