A weird thing that happened with an image on my site

Ok, so this was a problem I had, that I solved, and now want to know why it happened. I didn’t want to put it under “Hosting Support”, but let me know if I should have.

The issue:
All of the images I added after adding HTTPS to my site were not appearing when called by a img tag

The Solution:
Add an extra backslash after the URL

My question:
Why is this happening? Why is this the solution to this weird problem? Is there a better way to fix this?

That was probably a browser’s cache problem because here is working fine with both.
Placing another backslash helped you because with the new backslash the image path became different and the browser thought it was a new file (not cached) and downloaded it it again instead of using the cached version.

If you clean your browser’s cache you’ll see that the version with just one backslash is working fine.


Got it, that’s why it was weird! :smile: Does it make a difference if I leave that extra backslash there or not?

Probably not, but I wouldn’t do it.
There may be browser’s that don’t know how to interpret that path.

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