A waiting with a page "Sub domain"

Website URL


Error Message

I can connect. And the app “FileZilla” is showing “/a-bank-papers.home-garden.great-site.net”.

But The page “Sub domain” (https://cpanel.infinityfree.com/panel/indexpl.php) is not showing.

Other Information

When I go to your url (http://a-bank-papers.home-garden.great-site.net/) it redirects to


So, it seems to be functional.

What are you expecting to see?

Based on your screenshots, it looks like the domain used to be connected to your account, but has since been removed.

Perhaps you have added it to a different hosting account you own?


It seems that something went wrong with your domain on our end. It seems to be missing in the control panel and in our nameservers, but the domain is present in other lists.

I’ve asked iFastNet to properly clear out the domain so you can add it again, which should result in the domain getting set up properly this time.


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