A strange problem with a page on my website on mobile view

my website pages at https://lovebug.ml works fine in desktop and mobile browsing except for one page https://lovebug.ml/?page=servers

this one page gives some strange white blocks where the background image looks like its missing and I have no idea why

I’ve check it in firefox mobile view CTRL-SHIFT-M and on a real mobile phone too and both give the same problem

I cant find where this is coming from, can anyone help ? thanks

Works fine for me on a phone:

EDIT: I mean this image:

Is your site cross-browser compatible? You are using Firefox

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thanks for testing, odd it doessnt work on my samsung phone or in firefox mobile view

Which browser are you using? Which Version?

Is it by any chance your Cache which is causing this problem?

firefox and chrome, cleared caches in both but still has the white blocks but only on the servers page, other pages are fine

erm versions, i’ll have to check

chrome is 88.0.4324.93
firefox is 85.1.1

but if I use firefox on my laptop in mobile view mode (ctrl-shift-m) I also see the white blocks on the servers page

laptop firefox is 85.0

Have you tried in incognito?
Sometimes extensions can cause these problems

ive tried incognito too same issue, have some plugins on my laptop browsers but none on my mobile phone

Image result for spock fascinating


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if you delete this code, the background image will stretch and will not be white


you can try and add a black background color or blue

but I wouldn’t touch anything because it looks like a bug to me
within the FF console and rendering

It reports an error here



there is probably something wrong with it
and has a calculation problem - how to arrange these elements (while you switch to various mobile devices )

leave it as it is :slight_smile:


thank you OxyDac

I did try commenting out background-attachment: fixed; and while it did indeed remove the white issue it caused the background image to scroll with the page content

I think you’re right about it being a firefox rendering issue as I just tried in in google chrome in mobile view and its fine

thanks a lot for the help guys because this had me scratching my head for ages

oh yeah I couldnt work out that display: flex 1 issue, every time I change it the layout completely screws up XD

ah ! commenting it out seems to work :slight_smile: I should really look at my browsers error log :stuck_out_tongue:

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another differerence between firefox and chrome

if I shrink with width of the browser window

in chrome i cannot shrink the width narrower than the navigation buttons :slight_smile:

in firfox i can shrink it more and the buttons wrap to the next line :frowning:

im not worried about this, i just find it strange that different browser render a page differently. bugs I guess

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