A Small Issue.

Hi, I’m currently building my website. When I access the website, all that shows up a screen for InfinityFree saying my website is up and running instead of the actual website itself. However, when I add /wp to the domain (the website is being built through WordPress), the website is there. Why is this and how can I fix this? Links are below. Thank you!


Have you tried to remove the “index2.html”?
I had visited your www.theghostplanet.co and it shows the Directory Listing which means you had removed the Index2.html .
Try to install WordPress again on the main domain (www.theghostplanet.co)

If you installed your website on www.theghostplanet.co/wp, then it will be visible on www.theghostplanet.co/wp . www.theghostplanet.co is not automatically linked to www.theghostplanet.co/wp.

If it’s a new site, I would recommend to remove your Wordpress installation from www.theghostplanet.co/wp and reinstall it to www.theghostplanet.co.