A simply annoying issue when writing HTML and CSS

https://ilta.ga OR http://www.djtpa.ga (both sites hosted with InfinityFree)

This is a HTML/CSS Web Design Issue I have, which can be seen on BOTH sites.

Issue I have

When designing a <div> element, I try to write it to fill the WHOLE width of the page, but there is a small 10px(ish) border between the edge of the page. I personally think this is specific to InfinityFree because there are no other recourses online covering this issue; which would imply that it doesn’t happen elsewhere. How can I fix this?

Other Information

This issue can be found at the bottom of https://ilta.ga and the top of http://www.djtpa.ga

CSS and HTML are being rendered on browser, so it cannot be related to the hosting.

they use html,body{padding:0;}, you can also use it in your css file so it’ll fix the 10px border.


Is the body margin set to 0?

body {margin:0}

Thanks mate

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