A Records/IP Pointing

I see a lot of documentation for pointing the domain using DNS. Can I simply point the domain to the hosting using an A Record/IP pointing? I’d prefer not to update the DNS because email purposes…

You can use A records, that is what I use and they work fine. Remember you also must use the Epizy name servers.

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That’s the whole point… I do not want to touch my domain’s name servers, I just want to point my domain to Epizy using A record.

You can’t use A records or any other thing without changing the name servers. However, I do not think email uses name servers, but correct me if I am wrong.

I don’t think you understand my doubt… I don’t want to setup an A Record from within a Epizy account. I want to use a .com domain as an alias, or parked, etc. For that, I want to point this .com domain to my Epizy account -but I just want to point the domain to the account, period. I don’t want capabilities of managing the domain from within Epizy… therefore, no name server pointing would be needed, really, pointing through A Record to my account IP address should do.

For parking (aliasing) you will need to set the nameservers to the Epizy nameservers.

What do you mean? The only DNS management possible from Epizy cPanel is SPF and CNAME, nothing else.

To use any domain in the Byet hosting world, the nameservers must be set, in this case to the Epizy nameservers.

I hope you understand me better now.

I understand you. But that’s exactly my point: I have zero interest in actually managing anything DNS from cPanel.

Pointing name servers would give me domain control (somewhat full, or partial, depending on cPanel capabilities available to me). I’m not interested in it. I’m fine with keeping full domain control from GoDaddy, where my domain is.

I really do think you’re not understanding me/my needs. But I appreciate your attempt to help. :slight_smile: The only think I’d need to know is if my Epizy cPanel/account has an IP I can point my domain to, that’s all.

The IP to point to is listed in you Client Area at app.infinityfree.net under “Website IP”. Hope this helps you!

@kellyb, you must add your domain to your account by changing the nameserver. After the domain is added, you can set the nameservers back to how you had them before and create these A records. I hope this helps!

NAME: IP address from app.infinityfree.net

CONTENT: “www”
NAME: IP address from app.infinityfree.net


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