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Hey i don’t want to change my nameserver for a custom domain it is possible to just add a A record

@IchHackeNetDE do you have your domain on a DNS platform like Cloudflare?


@IchHackeNetDE If I understand correctly, you don’t want to point all of your domain to Infinityfree, you just want to point something like sub.webpage.tel to Infinityfree? If that is the case, go to where you change your DNS records in your DNS provider, and create NS records for ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com for whatever part of your domain you want to point to Infinityfree as the Hostname. The DNS zone is still in your control, and you have pointed one section of your domain, like sub.webpage.tel to Infinityfree while the rest, like other.webpage.tel can be pointed elsewhere. If you need any additional help, just post another message here.

I already tried it with NS records but it doesn’t work

Yes and no.

Once your domain is set up, you can host it on your own nameservers and point it to the IP address of your hosting account (shown in the client area).

However, to set up the domain, the domain MUST point to our nameservers first.

So you can set the domain to our nameservers, add the domain to your hosting account and then move it back to your own nameservers.

If that’s not an option, I’m sorry to say it’s not possible to host the domain here at this time.


Ok. What Admin said is correct. Go to your registrar, change to infinityfree ns. Then, once you’ve added the domain at infinityfree, you can point your ns to the dns platform, and point the A records here.

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