A record in Infinityfree

I wanna ask that,Can I use A record in Infinityfree?I want to point my domain to my minecraft server.Please help me,Thank you :slight_smile:

A record??
Do you want to point your whole domain to minecraft server


Infinityfree is a web hosting service.
Try changing your website to cloudflare.

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Hey @Gameplex,

In free hosting you don’t have full dns management. Through your cPanel you can only manage SPF, MX and CNAME records.

If you want to point a subdomain to another service consider adding your domain to CloudFlare (not using the option in cPanel, by changing nameserves) then you can completely manage your domain’s dns.

After this you may point namservers through cloudflare to InfinityFree and point a subdomain with A record to your minecraft server.

This article might help you with how to add the domain into cloudflare:

Please note that after the nameserver change it might take up to 72 hours to access your domain again due to ‘DNS propagation’. You can find more information here:

I really hope that I helped!

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