A Question

I have a question I am very familiar, with discourse. I was wondering if discourse was going to be added to Softaculous maybe soon or in the future, if so that would be cool. Also is there anyway i could add my own extensions to Flarum?


Discourse cannot be hosted on free hosting because it requires Ruby On Rails, something free hosting does not have.

And yes, you can add your own Flarum extensions. Since free hosting does not have SSH access, you will have to install the extensions using Composer on your own computer, then upload the files to InfinityFree.


You would have to ask that to the Softaculous devs.

But all software in Softaculous right now is PHP software. Many web hosting providers don’t support other programming languages, and if they do, the way they support it varies a lot. cPanel has had a few different ways to run Ruby applications, and DirectAdmin doesn’t have it at all.

And for Discourse specifically, you also need PostgreSQL and Redis databases, which most hosting providers don’t have (free hosting included, premium hosting has PostgreSQL but not Redis). And Discourse needs a rather specific hosting environment, and they only support installations with their own Docker contains and management script.

So even if a web hosting provider has all the required software and options (which is quite rare), it may be very difficult or impossible to make Discourse work on it.

So I’m pretty sure that Discourse will never be added to Softaculous and won’t work on web hosting at all.


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