A question about MySql

Firstly, thanks for this service. this service gives us great boost. :smiley: second, my question is: I am visual impaired person, in cpanel I created a MySql database, but i can’t manage to read informations well with screen readers. if you send my all MySql database informations to me from my e-mail, I will be happy. good luck, and thanks again.

Hello. First of sorry for a bit late response.

Only @Admin can access account information and such stuff I think. So he can solve this problem actually.

Not being rude, but is the information really that hard to read? It seems like you managed to find the post button in this forum and wrote the post accurately.

Maybe you need to get certain extension that makes some texts bigger? I can recommend you Stylebot plugin which allows you choosing certain CSS elements on any webpage and then change their color, font, size etc. and it will be just like ‘inspect element’ changes, except they will be always saved.

If you have Google Chrome you can try to get Stylebot plugin, select the text element about database info and just change the font to bigger. To be honest there are many ways to work around hard to read texts and stuff like that.

Have a nice day!


The username and password is the same as your control panel and FTP details. The database name is what you created and the hostname is listed on the page and the sidebar of your hosting account. If for some reason, you can’t properly see it, please drop us a message at Contact Us - InfinityFree and we’ll send it to you.