A hosting broker .. you? Nope. Or?

So to keep a hosting broker on its toes, it sounds like infinityfree.net system measures speed of website loading traffic, and if a website produces low results it suspends it. Efficient. But what is a “hosting broker”?
For example if a male human works in mysterious ways and is caught crooked, cut this bandit in half, and city is maintained lawfulness. Efficient?

Let’s say a website holds important clues, yes for free some how yet misunderstood, because that’s how it goes, when paid services are maintained by crooks only. But on the mentioned now infinityfree broker website, this website is running with important … oh well nonsense, just words right? Goodbye infinityfree.net workers, enjoy the ride into nowhere really where all things are straight including you, right? … eh, he he hehe.

More of nonsense you’re saying, It’s ok that you’re not fine with infinityfree but i also can don’t know how to use a thing and say hey that thing is useless.

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Now you clearly made you’re drunk.

I don’t think you made any sense, if your going to post something, post properly.

Welcome to the forum

Can someone tell me what’s happening? My focus is divided.


I don’t know either

Complaining Infinityfree, this is when you don’t know how to use a thing and you say it is trash.


Like a true soldier. Robot abiding citizen.

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