A DNS for domain nameserver

hello ,
I want add addon domain and I see there are ns1 and ns2 , can I just point DNS A Records instead of name servers?

Thank you.

You can point your domain to your website server using an A record and use your own nameservers, however that’s only possible after you’ve added the domain to your account already. To add the domain name to your account, you need to pass the domain ownership verification, which requires you to change the nameservers on your account.

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hi admin,
Firstly I want to thank you for your fast response.
But I don’t really understand what you are trying to explain.
What I want to know is, in other hosting sites, they allow addon domain by pointing nameserver to ns1.hosting.com and ns2.hosting.com and they also allow an optional method by pointing “A” DNS to ???.???.???.???(ip address) what I am missing here and what I want is this optional method. Can you please explain where I can find them?

Thank you so much

Well, our system is really geared towards using our nameservers, so using your own nameservers is something for advanced users only.

Still, you could use a dns lookup tool like http://dnswatch.info to get the IP address from the nameservers and then configure you own nameservers to use it.

I had a similar problem so what I did is that I added the default namerservers, u know the epizy ones to my domain panels, then after the propagation was done, i logged in to cloudflare and went to add website section, added my domain n let it scan, the scan completed and I had all the records written there… u can copy these records to anywhere u need to copy…
but for this u will first need to be able to add nameservers also, if that is something u cant do, then the admin’s way of the dns lookup think is the option.