A blank page

I have installed a website (CMS: PHPBoost) on the InfinityFree host except that for a few hours, we get a blank page.
http://mediabox.epizy.com/HomeLanding/ (epiz_32648762)

What is the cause?
Is it due to the bandwidth ? or another problem ?
I would like to know the reason so that I can fix it. Thank you for your answer.
See you soon.

I typed in http://mediabox.epizy.com/index.html and your page came up.

I also tried
and your page loaded again.

However typing
defaults to
http://mediabox.epizy.com/HomeLanding/ (which is a blank page)

So were I you I would just use either:

until you can find out why the page comes up blank with the other methods.

Good evening,
Phew, that’s all it was, I was really afraid I had done something stupid.
Thank you for your quick response.


Why do you have “Erreur 404” as your page title? Is that intentional? Having “Erreur 404” as your page title makes users think your website is broken.

Normally the html “Title” property tells visitors something about your website. You should change the page title to the name of your website, in this case that would be “Mediabox”.

The page “http://mediabox.epizy.com/HomeLanding/index.html” does not exist, meaning that it will return an error 404. That said, it’s probably intentional.



Then the error page coming up looks to be in the French language which is why I questioned it. Either way something strange appears to be happening there.

I see nothing wrong with their website. When I go to http://mediabox.epizy.com/, I get redirected to http://mediabox.epizy.com/pages/accueil and it shows content.

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You probably there only have index.php without HTML code inside that PHP file, so there is nothing to display in the browser except white.

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My intention was not at all to make an “Error 404” homepage. A page had been created with the CMS, but it bugged. I also asked them about it, but I don’t have a clear answer about it yet.

So I made a temporary homepage (or maybe a permanent one if the problem is not found). It’s normal that the page is in French, since I’m French.

It’s possible that the index.php page is empty, but I didn’t touch it, it just “disappeared” like that.

Thanks for your help and your quick answers.

Hello, it seems that I have found the problem.
I don’t know how to explain it, but it would come from the CMS I use and not from the host.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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