550 Could not change perms

Permission Issue with File Permissions

Dear InfinityFree Support Team,

I have encountered an error message “550 Could not change perms” when attempting to modify the permissions of a specific file or directory. Despite my efforts using the web-based File Manager and an FTP client, I have been unable to change the permissions successfully.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could review my account settings and assist me in changing the file permissions or perform the necessary changes on my behalf.

The specific file or directory I am trying to modify is: meetmaet.tech/api/
The permissions I would like to set are: 755

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Once you go below 600, no further changes can be made.
You are better off creating another hosting account


Thank you for your assistance and clarification. I appreciate your response, even though the file permissions cannot be changed back.


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