502 nginx File maneger no acces

epiz_33103994 is my account name hosted my website
which is no more accessible now and more amazing fact is that I can’t access file manager or ftp on this account

screenshot included

Please :pray: some one help.

Your website, and the file manager, are working fine for me.

Please never share the URL of the filemanager, as it contains your accounts password. For this reason, please change your hosting accounts password since you just shared it publicly.

My guess is that the problem is with your internet connection, or your device. Can you try a different device / network?


Sorry sir my website+file mnger both of them no opening tried vpn proxy

My webite is on this server
Hosting Volume vol17_1 / Website IP
Now i checked it still :slightly_smiling_face: no acces unreachable
Website and filemager all down😥
At least file manager has to be open so I can copy my website files🤔

Please help me

Your file manager is working fine from here now. Your website is still down, but it’s not pointing to our hosting right now. Please change your domain name back to our nameservers to bring your website back online.


control panel not opening or file manager i checked just enable my control panel

Again: first edit password, then enter control panel. This is necessary to enable FTP access. And since the file manager also uses FTP, the file manager also won’t work until you did this.

What problem are you having opening the control panel? I just checked it and it’s working fine for me. What do you see?


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