502 Error when uploading a Wordpress plugin

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502 Bad gateway when trying to upload then install a wordpress theme

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@hzerotwo, Welcome to the forums!
Did you try uploading it in the backend (file manager)? If not upload the plugin file in the /htdocs/wp-content/plugins and upload the plugin zip file and extract it!

Can you please show a screenshot of the error? Your website seams to be working fine. Also, make sure you uploaded the plugin (unzipped) to the correct spot.

Looks like it is a new installation

oh i didn’t know i could do that. so is this correct…
upload the theme .zip file to my wp-content/plugins directory?? or should I upload the extracted files as a folder?

or should I upload the extracted files as a folder?

First upload the zip file, then extract extract it. Also, if you are using the online file manager, it will ask you, if you want to automatically extract the file after being uploaded.

not the theme file, the plugin file! you can download it from WordPress Plugins | WordPress.org

you are right. my site is working fine. it is just wordpress themes when i try to upload a theme, after investigating ( or whatever you call it ) I noticed that i can upload small files because they upload fast so maybe the problem is timeout or limited memory resource i don’t really know

ah yes ofcourse, silly me how can i upload theme file to wp-content/plugins

shall i upload the theme file to wp-content/themes ??

Yes, the upload limit is 10mb, also the the size of any file should not be over 10mb limit. If it does in case, the file should be deleted automatically. Mark this as the solution, if it helped of course!

ohhhh really, i have a 13 mb theme file… any idea what can i do?

Like i said, upload in the wp-content/plugin, if uploading plugin file, wp-content/themes, if uploading theme file.

There is no more possible way to compress more, as, .zip is more compressed format.

You might wanna change the theme or choose a theme like GeneratePress or Astra, as they are lightweight! Btw, what theme are you using?

i don’t know for sure, a friend sent me. it says madara or something like that

Looks like you bought it ($59) at themeforest.com, for mango lovers! But the theme seems to be very heavy, in terms of theme file size. Hmm, looks like you are just testing out the theme here, right :thinking:?

yeah, i didn’t know it was a paid theme, that explains why i couldn’t find it in wordpress plugin search, if i buy it will it install automatically? and yup i am testing out themes, a lot of theme :3

Umm no, you have to upload the theme file and then activate it, also maybe this was the problem you had faced. Try uploading Astra theme once via FTP or file manager, just to make sure wp-content is readable-writable! (your choice)

yes, my friend sent it with some license file, hope i will not be required to pay :slight_smile: i will try with astra as you said, thanks a lot

Let’s pray for not to pay :rofl:.