502 error or very slow loading.. 40s



on first attempt to load the website, its about 40 seconds for the website to load, but sometime i get 502 http error.

from time the website is on host server cache - no issue… the page load is as expected.
although it sims like that the cache will clear after an hour or so… and the issue persist.

is this is an expected behavior?
if not - what could be done?


Your site taking near about 2-3 seconds to load from my end

Clear you cache or open it with better internet connection.


did you make shore you not load from host server cache?
as i have said: it working fine when is cache…
please response towards the 502 image i have posted…

As I mentioned above your site is working nicely and there is no error occurs

Same device same browser but open it after 1:30 hour (approximately), and no problem occurs


Since u are using WordPress, trying to include web caching plugin like w3.
Using CloudFlare will also help as well…

Webpage is approx 2-3s (seems normal to me)


dear KangJL,
the image you have posted is about local - client cache…
obviously, the client browser dont have an access to the host server cache…
sir: in my end the issue is persist.
i will try to install w3 with CF


Um, first of all, if this is the 1st visit Kang has made to your website, there is no client cache and therefore it either query for the host cache or the page itself. So yes, your website server works fine for them, but not for you. Are you sure it isn’t an issue on your end? (E.g client cache, DNS, internet problems)


Oof, im getting 90s

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