502 bad gateway

I’m getting a 502 bad gateway message on my websites that i set up last weekend . the websites are




please help me :disappointed_relieved:. i need my websites

All your sites have porn on them

They should not all my websites are about ham radio and weather . how can they have porn on there ? I never put bad info on there . all my websites have been weather/education website. they are back online now . I have enclosed a screen shots of all my websites

If you need more info please let me no asap

your site was tagged for porn for open dns ( a parental blocking site)

I just checked your websites and they are all working fine. Do you still experience this problem?

And if OpenDNS says it’s porn, then it must be porn? There is no possibility that OpenDNS might be wrong?

no all good here .I’m glad i don’t use .tk domain’s anymore as i don’t like and care for porn sites as well. so i am in full support of you blocking them . thank you for your help

its just a parental block, so your website has been flaged for it

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Thank you for all your help

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