502 Bad Gateway - nginx

Website URL - https://www.unboxedmagazine-replica-by-nidhi.42web.io/

Error Message - 502 Bad Gateway - nginx

Other Information - Receiving this error since last 24 hours & still not resolved. Please review & resolve it asap.

I had a look at your site, and it seems that your hosting is working fine.

Yes, the main page is returning a 502 error. But other pages, including the WordPress login page at https://www.unboxedmagazine-replica-by-nidhi.42web.io/wp-login.php, all seem to be working fine.

My guess is that this error is somehow caused by a plugin or theme causing your site not to work correctly.

Are you able to login to the WordPress admin area? If so, please try switching to one of the default themes and disable all plugins and see if that helps.


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