502 Bad Gateway nginx

Username epiz_26663994 ----- http://animeparty.rf.gd

the error is this

502 Bad Gateway


I think this is internal problem. Please wait till tomorrow.

Todavía no solucionan el error 502 Bad Gateway

They still don’t fix the 502 Bad Gateway error

My site is down too


Infinity Free doesn’t even offer any answer about what happened. We don’t even know when (or IF) it’s going to be fixed.

Hasn’t anybody yet given any information about what happened?

This is most likely related to the DDoS attacks on the server. The server has probably been deactivated until the attack is over, to prevent harm to your site.
Please be patient.

I don’t get it that 9yo is destroying people’s websites just for his free domain.
Like really!?

I don’t exactly get it either. What I do know is that he will not get very far, and will soon be reported and banned. So really he is just making it worse for himself.

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A 9yo brat is destroying the websites? I don’t get it. Where did you read that information?

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Actually a guy claims to DDoS attacks the infinityfree websites to get his ‘Suspended Website Back’. His mental state and his maturity depicts that he is just a kid. This info was available on a casual forum , so in order to minimize the damage on the websites the admin has taken some precautionary measures to ensure that our data is not stolen and our website is not destroyed.


Love that sort to-the-point explanation.

What my tear-down of his supposedly threanting message? (I spent so long on it, and had so much fun I want people to read it :slight_smile: )



Just to set the record straight, the 502 Bad Gateway error was caused by a security update on the servers causing some issues. It’s an unexpected internal error, not something that’s caused by an external attacker.

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