502 bad gateway, I delete addon domain ,it not works

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Username: epiz_28936839
site url: https://54mter.ml

Error Message

502 bad gateway

Other Information

I have been running the SMF 2.0.18 forum for a month and there are already more than 100 members. When I visited the forum this afternoon, a 502 bad gateway appeared. I saw a member of the infinityfree forum saying that it was a DNS problem. It is recommended to delete the Addon domain and add it again to solve it. But after I deleted it, I pointed my domain name to an empty folder, and the website was completely unable to open. I opened the file management and copied the files to the new folder, but I only copied a few and reported an unknown error during paste. I backed up the mysql database. File, but I can’t download the attachments of the SMF forum from the file management website, so I can’t rebuild it and then restore the data. What should I do? My friends are waiting for the forum to be restored. It will bring joy to them. Please help. Thank you. .


Try and copy all the files from the original /htdocs (/htdocs) folder to the new /htdocs folder (/54mter.ml/htdocs).

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When I copy files, an error will be reported and I cannot continue. Do I need to install FTP client software to copy files? Can it be restored to the original folder path?

What error? Just copy the files using the online file manager or FileZilla.

an unkonwn error

Try using FileZilla Client.

Is it possible to modify the domain and restore the original folder path so that there is no need to copy files, is this okay?

No, I don’t believe that is possible

I use linux and try to download the linux version of FileZilla, but I don’t know how to run it. I will try to find a windows system.

In addition, after copying files, do I still need to modify the mysql database?

You shouldn’t.

that’s great! i will try it

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