502 Bad Gateway Error

I recently created website “freestuffindia.in”. When I try to visit it, it shows " 502 Bad Gateway" error. What’s reason.

Your website is perfectly working fine.
Try clearning cache, site data and cookies, also flush DNS

It is still showing “502 Bad Gateway” error. There is something wrong on the server side. If you search in google what this error means, its shows " 502 Bad Gateway server error response code indicates that the server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream server"

@Admin Please fix this issue.

This is your site from my side.

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I already said it’s working fine from our side. Please clear your cache.
You on windows? Do ipconfig /flushdns
in cmd

I did all this before posting on this forum. When I try to access this website via VPN, it is opening but whenever I try to access it without vpn, it is showing this error. Is there something wrong with the ip address? May be they banned my ip…!! What’s the issue. Isn’t there any technical guy who can tell the real cause behind this.

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try opening it In Incognito mode!
There is no person to fix other than you!,
Or may be your ISP is caching!


IP Ban possibly can be the reason.


Fix what issue? Your website is working fine from here. And looking at the other replies here, it’s working for everyone except for you.

If your website was broken, then nobody would be able to view it. But since it’s only you, it must be something on your end. And I can’t fix your computer, browser or internet connection.

If I had to guess, it’s a poorly configured web proxy on your network. Please contact your network administrator or internet provider about this issue, because only they know what’s going on inside your network.


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