502 bad gateway error

Please help me its about 5 days now my website do not open, its says 502 bad gateway, i waited bjt no one solve this problem, my website is mobileflix.cf and ID is epiz_23195646 please help me am on way to give up

Ever since yesterday that my blog was first suspended and now it still doesn’t work, because it keeps appearing the 502 bad getaway error.
can someone help me to solve this? I need to work?
And all of this affect my facebook page and Instagram accounts that are connected to the blog!!!
Infinityfree needs to solve this out!!!

There is a problem with the servers,so everybody is affected.
Did you see the announcement on top?

if i was the admin i would have deleted these users from website… like bro stop posting the same issue over and over again just read the blue notice… gosh.

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