500 SSL negotiation failed

My Website hosted on infinityfree is up since one month or more, still not indexed by google or any other search engine.
I went on whois and I found the reason, error: 500 SSL negotiation failed
I never had this problem before. Is it a problem of infinity? Did you ever had this error?

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Change the category to support, if it’s a problem of infinity

Which website? And can you view that website yourself?

Some vague error message from an unknown third party tool about an unknown website doesn’t really tell me enough to figure out what’s going on.

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Yes, i can see my website correctly.
But this site never get indexed by google.
Website is: http://fantasmagoricaladro.ga/
It’s just a simple html with canvas and css, i tried also another html page but didn’t change anything to my initial problem.
Do you think is .ga domain problem?

Could be. Google moves in mysterious ways.

From my personal experience, Google really hates free domains, and it can take weeks for a new, unknown site to be indexed. Adding the site to Search Console may help. But after that, all you can do is hope and wait.

In any case, website indexing status doesn’t tell you anything whatsoever whether your site works or not.

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I added it in search console a two weeks ago.
It says everytime:
“Data processing in progress. Check back in a day or two.”

I will try using another domain.

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