500 Server error

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Error Message

(I uploaded the php site script to the file manager, and when I tried to access the site, the script on all pages of the site gives me 500
Server error)

Welcome to the forum! What script are you trying to use?
Activate Display Errors (and any debug settings your script may have) to see what the error is:


i try install infyhms-14.0.0 script for hospitall management

how i can Display errors or what i can do for this error ??

Please read the article that @ChrisPAR linked to, it tells you exactly that.

Note that you can also get support from the developer through Envato. And remember that you actually paid them for working software, you didn’t pay us.

And if you did not pay for the software, then be aware that pirated software is forbidden on our hosting. Also, the copy of the software you may be using may be too old to run on our servers.


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