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it show me 500 error, even in InPrivate mode.

This is happening while creating a new account with bhargavdubal.com

Your site looks fine for me; however, it is not hosted here so the extent of our help to you is limited.


I am getting something similar, I managed to complete step one and head through to step two when creating a new account, after that though it just shows a 500 screen.

I was trying to create a free account and set its domain to ‘to-learn-and-grow.epizy.net’ and set the password but didn’t manage to actually create the account.

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Thats what i trying to tell you while creating a new account asks for new subdomain.
I am entering a custom domain, i.e. bhargavdubal.com, so that throws this error

Your nameservers are currently set to ns1.googiehost.com and ns2.googiehost.com. To add your custom domain, you must set your nameservers to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com. Do this and then try adding your domain again. If that does not work, try creating an account with a free subdomain and then add your custom domain once the account has been created.

Also, it is helpful for us if you mention what is not working. Your post title is just “500 Server Error” and all you said in the body was that there was a 500 error. You also provided two links to your site, so I checked it because I thought that your site was having the issue, not the Client Area. In the future, it would be helpful if you could be more specific.



Already now set to s1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com

Hey @wackyblackie

It seems like the functionality to create a free account with a free subdomain is down. I have tried with the infinityfree.net and the epizy.net subdomains and I am still getting a 500 error. The domain that I am trying to register is also coming back as available.

Hope this helps

I can’t confirm the issue, just tried creating an account (yetanothertest.epizy.com) and it worked fine. Maybe it was a server issue that occured at the moment? Can you try again?

Both of the domains you’re mentioning aren’t correct, you can’t make an infinityfree.net subdomain and epizy.net is not InfinityFree’s. I guess you mean infinityfreeapp.com and epizy.com?


Hey @ChrisPAR my mistake, you are correct - those subdomains were wrong I should have rather just mentioned trying to use from the list provided.

But I have now been able to create my new account so I think the systems have come right again, thank you for your efforts

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Thank you all for sharing your experiences with this. I should have caught this from the error logs but I overlooked it. That’s my fault.

The issue seems to be that if your domain’s nameservers are not set to the right nameservers, the hosting API returns an invalid response which crashes our panel. This is why you see the 500 error. I’m currently preparing a patch to handle this error on our end which should be live in 10 minutes or so.


Things happen many a times.
Its Okey,
As a server admin I can understand your situation.
Handling many tasks at a time. Thanks to you at least you responded to these messages.
Thing is we many a times don’t want to wait for things to settle down.
Enjoying your services from last 5 years.
Currently have my own cloud servers deployed. Still testing things by using your free site management


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