500 server error -- Sitebuilder?

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as an absolute beginner i’ve been working through a sitebuilder – i wonder if that was a mistake in the first place.
anyway, that won’t open no more and all i get is a 500 server error.
how could i proceed with this?

However, if you are getting the error with the sitebuilder, use an FTP client like FileZilla to login to your site and delete the CONTENTS of the “htdocs” folder.

Then reopen the sitebuilder and click “publish”.


It may be down

i’m afraid i couldn’t get this work.

after a few days of use this seems to be a pretty fragile environment to operate in.
am i in bad luck or does this kind of stuff happen frequently? and it’s better to leave, with such low level of technical knowledge?

Maybe use WordPress instead

Can you share your accounts username?

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i actually already hopped to wix.
but thanks anyway!

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