500 error

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

when i try to access forums i get this error:

500 Internal Server Error
Something on the server crashed!

Other Information

it’s the first time when to receive this error, I checked error.log and there’s nothing there, as well as in alter PHP. how can I prevent this in the future

All is working for me.

Try clearing your cache.


I tried. the same goes for example on forum 1 or Gaming gives me the error 500
tips please?

Check your code for errors? Or share with us here!

I checked it, it’s empty, it doesn’t show any errors

can you tell me how to share the code with you please?
sorry are new in the field I’m still learning

Github gist?

Not. I mean what code do you want me to give you, I use mybb for the forum and it is divided into several sections, what code would you like exactly

I think you should ask MyBB Community Forums

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