500 Error, please check your php script / enable display_errors in your cpanel

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Show : 500 Error, please check your php script / enable display_errors in your cpanel
Please Help

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This problem occurred while working with wp db migration

500 Error, is occured when there is internal error mostly in your code.

Kindly read these articles:

This will tell you exactly why and the article also states solutions to the problem.


I tried all the ways but the problem was not solved

For me your website works fine. If it doesn’t work for you try to clear your browser cache.

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By deleting the .htaccess file code, the problem is partially solved, but it is difficult to open

Maybe you have a unresponsive/crappy/broken plugin. What plugins do you use?

Also the articles said it is maybe the problem inside a php codes, either too large to process, broken or the features are unsupported.

There are too many cause that activates 500 error, but it is mostly problems in the code.

What do you mean exactly in this statement?
Did you mean:

  1. Difficult to open website?
    –Clear your cache, or use incognito

  2. Difficult to open .htaccess
    –The .htaccess is located on the folders. You can edit it manually.

Now, your website is seems to be working on me.

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It works, but it works very slowly

Your websites load faster as lightning for me! I just visited it

It seems working to me and it loads only in 1.5 seconds for me.

Maybe its your network problem and not InfinityFree?

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From which country do you see the site?
I am from Iran and the internet speed is very slow

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I am from Philippines. The internet speed here is also slow. I only have a maximum, average internet speed of 10Mbps.

I’m from Italy, and my Internet speed is decent on my zone. We only could get maximum 100 Mbps network.

Thank You

Nice to meet you
Unfortunately, so am I.

Nice to meet you too, @ErfanDesign !

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Unfortunately, the speed in this area is very low and it has access to 2 Mbps


I’m from Philippines too, could you try to remove all the tabs on your browser except your website, clear your browser caches and then visit your site.

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Can I ask your opinion about the content of the website?

Your website clean to look, modern, minimalistic and your website is also responsive. It is a very nice website.

But one problem, some images loads slowly.

BUT I rate it 9.8/10 (almost perfect 10) since it is too nice! Keep it up!