421 Home directory not available - aborting

I just created an account and tried to connect it through the ftp tool FileZilla.
It gives this error. What can be the reason?

Status: Resolving address of ftp.epizy.com Status: Connecting to Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Response: 220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ---------- Response: 220-You are user number 561 of 2900 allowed. Response: 220-Local time is now 15:44. Server port: 21. Response: 220-This is a private system - No anonymous login Response: 220 You will be disconnected after 60 seconds of inactivity. Command: AUTH TLS Response: 234 AUTH TLS OK. Status: Initializing TLS... Status: Verifying certificate... Status: TLS connection established. Command: USER epiz_20892595 Response: 331 User epiz_20892595 OK. Password required Command: PASS ************ Response: 421 Home directory not available - aborting Error: Could not connect to server Status: Disconnected from server

Best Regards,
Isuru Ranawaka